The beauty of the spring sprout , respecting the life for itself, spirit of the place, wisdom of the forest, love to the earth those are underlying principles of our work, our attitude to the nature and world. The major of all them sounds simply just : Got to go on the earth on the  tiptoes.


Ecodesign is an - ecothought, ecolife, ecolove,and  all what is united under the name “perceptual” Perceptual thinking, moral confession, the world vision in the whole…


We are all the parts of one entity, which we have to treat with honor and love. it’s all one unite system, where spirit and matters are closely interweaved. And the particular always reflects the general, where the man is united with the world to the very last molecule. According this philosophy Our creative work is based and our meaning content as well as attitude to work are formed. 20 years old experience let us to claim that such ideology has the right to exist. Willingness to live this day in conscious trim(be capable) lets to widen the borders of perception and action.

Architecting interior or subject, we are trying to create natural, laconic, environmental product with an intellect and feelings.

At the heart of each subject there is the culture of production, nature respect, gratitude  to the material which gives the possibility to implement our major projects.The product which is the result of our creativity, first of all is an ecoculture bearer and spirituality.

We are feeling gratitude for those, who understand and share  our principles, attitude and respect to this incredible world, where is all closely connected and an every action leaves a trace.