Thoughts aloud…




What is it? Is it a behavior, a quality of life, the established standards, the equilibrium of audibility, or just any form or object, or a part of a house, which makes us remember the word ECO… ECO ..ECO?

Ecodesign means ecothought, ecolife, ecolove, everything that is united under the name of the “holistic”. Holistic thinking, ethical penitence, seeing the entire world … Feeling and remembering that “I” is a human being integrated into the world with each its molecule, but not conversely –“I”, the hub of the universe, king of nature. Nature is a queen and a white fairy.

Someone wise once said: what is important is not your position but a trend, direction where you move. Unfortunately the majority now moves towards logical indifference, without opening themselves to the Love of the Earth, Wisdom of the Sky, Lightness of the Wind, Beauty of exploded Buds. One must walk on the Earth whispering.. The Planet and the Sky are the partners for life.

Ecodesign is not a title, not a term; it is a state of being. And this state of being is formed by culture, education, respect of life towards life, youth to old, religions which unite and keep values for the certain period of time. Primarily respect is formed by the skills (culture, tradition) to THINK and to FEEL! And only after that – to know and to do!!! Planting a tree, you have to understand the place to which you can talk to and communicate with. Love is not needed. Love is wanted.

I hope that the future is in Ecothinking. But how much time it will take? My heart helps that it might be much time. Humans will spoil, cut and nibble a lot. Physicists don’t hear lyrists, chemists write dissertations without understanding educators and medics, architects don’t know astrology, painters don’t want to know mathematics….But anyway I hope that wise, whole-hearted, holistic and talented people will gain power, strength and will share it with the youth.

            With deep ecorespect, ecosigh, ecobreathing-out.