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We design spaces for living, working and development. Eco-Friendly furniture by Ryntovt Design are made sustainably with natural materials.


architecture · interior · object · space · art · thought · life · soul · ecology · design · responsibility · morality · laconism · naturalness · minimalism

«Ryntovt Design» is a holistic approach and a complete cycle of creating a modern public, private space and product design. What lies at its basis? The realization that we are all part of a single living organism, which we should treat with respect and love. It is a system in which spirit and matter are intertwined, and the particular reflects the whole.

25 years of experience allow us to say that such an ideology exists beyond time, it is modern, relevant today and is in demand tomorrow. Eco-design for us — not only the use of natural materials, but eco-sense, eco-love, eco-life in general. Polyphonic thinking and a vision of the world in big picture.

Our philosophy is based on the principles of the moral approach to architecture and interior taking into the consideration the existing context: society, traditions, economics, ecology, etc.

Our work suggests:
— high ecological, social and economic responsibility during the realisation of our peojects;
— informed choice and common sense in decision-making;
— a healthy balance of economic and public interests.

When we design an architecture, interior or a product, we create a natural and laconic product with intelligence and feeling inside. The culture of the production of the subject implies respect for nature and material, thanks to which we were able to realize such important meanings for us.

We are grateful to everyone who sees the beauty of the bud blossom, feels the wisdom of the forest, the love of the earth, the soul of the place and shares our principles, the main one of which sounds simple: «You have to walk on the ground in a whisper.»

you have to walk
on the ground
in a whisper

Our activity adopts a comprehensive approach to design, including the full cycle of processes, necessary for the creation of public, private spaces and objects:

architectural design


interior design (landscape design)


working drawings

layout alterations

product design (custom-made designer furniture manufacturing in our workshop)

consultations (custom furniture design, selection of mass production furniture, lighting, finishing materials, and sanitary equipment)

designer supervision

stylization and decorating

corporate identity (design / printing / production)

non-standard equipment design

manufacturing and delivery of products from «Ryntovt Design» collections

with intelligence
and feelings
Product design RYNTOVT DESIGN

light · air · energy · image · material · wood · oil · paint · varnish · structure · texture · elements · color · detail

Light and air, laconism and cleanness of the line.

Our furniture is as unique as the structure and the texture of the wood that we use in production. (This is mainly hard species: walnut, ash, acacia, beech, oak, maple, but we also work with cherry, pine, fruit and exotic species).

We select raw materials and control the finishing materials: varnishes, oils, paints have the necessary certificates. We show the texture of wood and make accents by using the technology of penetration of one structure into another. We select and combine materials by color and texture.

Furniture Ryntovt Design organizes the space in such a way that it would be always «easy to breathe» inside of it. Each of its elements becomes special, and the object itself acquires a character. An important detail is tactile sensation, because with this furniture will stay with you for years.

The design of each product, like life, implies movement: from a point to the texture, from an image to the material, from simple to complex, so that in the end one can see in the whole complexity the wonderful simplicity.

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