project composition

The exact cost of the project is calculated individually, at a personal meeting of both parties,
taking into account the many factors that make up the final amount.
The approximate cost of the project is 30 euros per 1 m2.

Architecture supervision

This section outlines the concept of “author’s control” and the consistent implementation of control.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with the implementation of architecture supervision in order to establish complete understanding between the bureau and the customer and overall satisfaction with the results of the work.

Project Composition

The realisation of the project has several stages.

In order for the result of the work to satisfy the customer, and the architect was pleased with his work, you should read everything carefully.

Project Composition

From the concept to the implementation of the interior project, several stages are passed, which are described in details below.

Please carefully read each of these steps to fully understand the process that awaits us during the upcoming work.

Project Composition

In this section can be found detailed description of the manufacture process of the interior items.

Please carefully read each step to fully understand the process that awaits us during the upcoming cooperation.